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Griffon, Shadow & Nightmare are Familiars wielded by [[V]].
'''V's Familiars''' may refer to:
{{InfoCharacter|name = Familiars - Griffon, Shadow & Nightmare|katakana = ファミリー - グリフォン、シャドー、ナイトメア|romaji = Famirī - gurifon, shadō, naitomea|species = Shadows|status = Deceased|appearance = [[Devil May Cry 5]]}}
*[[Griffon (Familiar)]]
*[[Shadow (Familiar)]]
*[[Nightmare (Familiar)]]
==Powers and Abilities==
*Griffon, Shadow & Nightmare are after the original bosses of [[Devil May Cry]] that Dante fought on [[Mallet Island]] .
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V's Familiars may refer to:

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