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Griffon, Shadow & Nightmare are Familiars wielded by [[V]].
'''V's Familiars''' may refer to:
{{InfoCharacter|name = Familiars - Griffon, Shadow & Nightmare|katakana = ファミリー - グリフォン、シャドー、ナイトメア|romaji = Famirī - gurifon, shadō, naitomea|species = Shadows|status = Deceased|appearance = [[Devil May Cry 5]]}}
*[[Griffon (Familiar)]]
*[[Shadow (Familiar)]]
*[[Nightmare (Familiar)]]
Griffin is a demon bird with a beak split into three pieces and a black with blue highlights color scheme based on [[Griffon]].
Shadow is a pitch black panther demon based on [[Shadow]].
Nightmare is a hulking monstrous demon composed of sludge and with a single eye loosely based on [[Nightmare]].
Griffon is a extremely talkative and wise cracking bird not shy about snapping at V or other characters or making digs at their expense. Shadow maintains the personality of a attack dog, waiting for V to give the order before loosing his attacks. Nightmare is the most difficult to control, he does not respond to orders and when summoned acts according to his own intuition.
Though loyal to both V and [[Vergil]] they recognizes that their continued existence will only bring him pain, so once they have outlived their usefulness they intercepted and attacked Dante forcing him to kill them.
==Powers and Abilities==
*Griffon, Shadow & Nightmare are based after the original bosses of [[Devil May Cry]] that Dante fought on [[Mallet Island]] .
*Griffon's character is similar to Iago from Aladdin.
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V's Familiars may refer to:

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