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Griffon, Shadow & Nightmare are familiars wielded by V.



Griffon is a demon bird with a beak split into three pieces and a black with blue highlights color scheme. He is based on Griffon.


Shadow is a pitch black panther/leopard demon based on Shadow.


Nightmare is a hulking monstrous demon composed of sludge and with a single eye, loosely based on Nightmare.


Griffon is an extremely talkative and wise cracking bird not shy about snapping at V or other characters or making digs at their expense. Shadow maintains the personality of an attack dog, waiting for V to give the order before it attacks. Nightmare is the most difficult to control, he does not respond to orders and when summoned acts according to his own intuition.

Though loyal to both V and Vergil, they recognize their continued existence will only bring him pain, so once they have outlived their usefulness, they intercepted and attacked Dante, forcing him to kill them.


Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare were born when Vergil separated his human and demon halves using the Yamato. Alongside V, the three demons were born of Vergil's nightmarish memories from his time as Nelo Angelo, their forms based on the namesakes in Mundus' service. Recognising the threat of Urizen's ambitions, the three worked for V with the goal of defeating the Demon King, accompanying V through Red Grave City as he worked to sabotage the demon's ambitions.

When V and Urizen fused back together into Vergil, the three realized that they would soon follow, and that as a side effect they would once again haunt Vergil's memories. The trio opted to hunt Dante down, in hopes that he would eliminate them for good.


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Powers and Abilities

The trio each has their role to play on the battlefield together with V:

Griffon is a range attacker who makes use of bolts of lightning, attack distant enemies and forcing them back with radial blasts of energy. He also aids V with traversing the terrain by helping him reach high ledges, and is capable of carrying him for short periods of time.

Shadow specializes in close range combat with the power of shape shifting, transforming his body into a variety of sharp implements with the intent to skewer, stab and slash at his opponents. He can also transform himself into a literal shadow and allow V to ride on him at a heightened pace.

Nightmare is a giant creature summoned using V's Devil Trigger, by falling out of mid air and crushing most opponents. In combat, it utilizes both its brute strength and an occular energy beam. V can also jump onto Nightmare's back to manually direct his attacks.

V can spend his Devil Trigger energy to augment Griffon and Shadow's strength in combat, enhancing their attacks. Despite their power, however, the familiars cannot kill the enemies by themselves, relying on V to deliver the final blow with his cane. They are also not invincible, reverting to a dormant core state for a time, known as "Stalemate State", if they sustain too much damage, but can also be revived by V at an accelerated pace, if he is in close proximity to a core.


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