The Vendetta is a decorative sword which appears in Devil May Cry 2. It is designed to resemble Death's scythe.[1]


The Vendetta is a thick, metallic sword that has a long, rectangular blade with a skull design and two pick ends.


It is thick and huge, but has a short range.[2] It deals the most raw damage of Dante's swords.

The Vendetta is found impaled through a corpse in a lab within the Factory during Mission 7 of Dante's scenario.


Devil May Cry 2Edit

Action Command Description
Combo start 1 B t,… Basic combo start - a diagonal slash.
Combo start 2 Direction+B t,… Alternative combo start - a horizontal slash.
Combo A B t,B t,B t,B t 4-hit combo ending with a diagonal spinning slash.
Combo B B t, Direction+B t,B t 3-hit combo ending with a sweeping slash.
Combo C B t,B t, Direction+B t,B t,B t,B t 6-hit combo - series of horizontal slashes ending with sweeping kneeling slash.
Combo D B t,B t,B t, Direction+B t,B t 5-hit combo ending with a jumping downward slash followed by an upward slash, sending enemies flying.
DT Combo B (in DT)
B t, Direction+B t,B t
3-hit combo ending with a stab followed by a vertical spinning slash.
DT Combo C (in DT)
B t,B t, Direction+B t
(continue to press the button to prolong the attack)
Multi-stab combo. Quickly drains DT gauge, but deals incredible damage.
DT Combo D (in DT)
B t,B t,B t, Direction+B t,B t
6-hit combo ending with a downward stab followed by a thrust kick.
Stinger B r1+B u+B t Powerful thrust unleashed after stepping forward. Unlike in other games does not have the dash effect, making it much shorter ranged.
High Time B r1+B d+B t
(hold to launch)
A powerful attack that launches an enemy skyward.
Helm Breaker (mid-air)B t
(during Air Raid)B r1+ Direction+B t
Overhead slash down on top of an enemy below.
(In DT) Plunge the sword down in an enemy below.
Aerial Combo B r1+B t,B t,B t (mid-air) Mid-air kicks followed by a Helm Breaker.
Round Trip (during Air Raid)
B t,B t
Throws the sword like a boomerang, damaging nearby enemies at the same altitude.
Smash B r1+B t (while landing) Elbow strike knocking enemies over.
Grave Digger (in DT)
B r1+B t (while landing)
Low spinning sweep knocking enemies over.



Vendetta means revenge in italian. Although it is stated in-game that it is a 'huge sword,' it has the shortest range of all of Dante's swords.


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  2. Devil May Cry 2, Equip Swords — Vendetta: "A thick huge sword with a short range."

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