Devil May Cry 3: Dante's AwakeningEdit

"Foolishness, Dante. Foolishness. Might controls everything - and without strength, you cannot protect anything; let alone yourself."
―Vergil to Dante[src]
Dante: I'm sure you have time for one more game, right?
Vergil: Why not, after all we share the same blood. I'll just use more of yours to undo daddy's little spell.
— Vergil to Dante, Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening
"You will not forget this devil's power! For you are not worthy as my opponent!"
―Vergil in Devil Trigger[src]
"Don't get so cocky!"
―Vergil in Devil Trigger[src]
"I've come to retrieve my power. You can't handle it."
―Vergil to mutated Arkham[src]
"You're going down! HAAA"
―Vergil powering up in Devil Trigger[src]
"No one can have this Dante. It's mine. It belongs to a son of Sparda. Leave me and go, if you don't want to trap in the demon world. I'm staying. This place, was our father's home."
―Vergil as he prepares to fall over the edge[src]
"It'll be fun to fight with the Prince of Darkness. If my father did it... I should be able to do it too!"
―Vergil prepares to fight Mundus until his downfall[src]
"Insane buffoon! I don't know where you came from but you don't belong here. Now leave!"
―Vergil to Jester[src]
"Why isn't this working? Is there something missing? Must more blood be shed?"
―Vergil angry[src]

Battle QuotesEdit

  • Die!
  • This maybe fun.
  • Scum.
  • You are not worthy as my opponent.
  • This may be fun.
  • Now i'm little motivated!
  • Blast!
  • Begone!
  • What's wrong?
  • Cut off.
  • You're going down.
  • Rest In Peace.
  • You will not forget this devil's power!
  • Don't get so cocky.
  • This is the power of Sparda.
  • Ridiculous!
  • C'mon.
  • You shall die.
  • How boring!
  • Too easy.

Devil May Cry 4: Special EditionEdit

"The Order of the Sword huh? They worship a demon as a god? Just what are your true intentions?"
"Well, I can't exactly call them misguided. But soon they shall know this devil's power. A power greater than they ever imagined. The power of a son of Sparda."
―Vergil leaving Fortuna[src]

Battle QuotesEdit

  • Die.
  • Scum.
  • So slow.
  • Blast!
  • Be gone!
  • Cut off!
  • Don't move.
  • You're finished!
  • Stand aside.
  • Down you go!
  • Rest in peace.
  • You are not worthy.
  • How boring.
  • Pathetic!
  • Fool!
  • Don't get cocky!
  • Stay where you are.
  • You're going down!
  • Go to hell!
  • It's over!
  • Good night!
  • Too late.
  • You shall die.
  • Kneel before me!
  • Fall, scum!
  • I need more power!
  • Your nightmare begins here.
  • Let's have some fun.
  • You think you stand a chance?
  • Ha!
  • Show me your motivation.
  • Disappointing.
  • You're wasting my time.
  • Time to die.
  • My power shall be absolute!
  • This shall be your grave.
  • I shall surpass Sparda.

Devil May Cry 5Edit

Battle QuotesEdit

  • Die!
  • It's past your bedtime!
  • Pointless!
  • Too slow.
  • Down You Go.
  • Impossible!
  • Try to keep up.
  • Nice try!
  • I can do better!
  • You mock me.
  • I now what i'm capable of.
  • Thank you for that. Now i shall give you Death in return!
  • Scum.
  • You're just gonna stand there?
  • You wretch!
  • Cut You Down.
  • I still got it!
  • Not bad!
  • Don't move.
  • Slay All.
  • Eliminate All.
  • Just like old times.
  • Such a fool!
  • How strange.
  • You are Finished!
  • Shall we begin?
  • Trash!
  • Let's end this Dante!
  • Go to hell.
  • Getting on my nerve!
  • I expected nothing less from my kin.
  • Too easy!
  • Dante...
  • I'll hunt you down!
  • Stay back, child.
  • You are mine!
  • Juvenile.
  • Prepare to DIE!
  • How boring.
  • I see you!
  • Eviscerate!
  • Don't get cocky.
  • Slice Through.
  • Fine! I suppose this how you wish to die.
  • Stop where you are!
  • Power...
""...heavy chain, that does freeze my bones around!""
―Vergil reciting William Blake's "Earth's Answer" poem, as he performs hara-kiri with Yamato bringing forth V and Urizen[src]
"Defeating you like this has no meaning. Heal your wounds, Dante. Get strong. After that, we'll settle the matter."
―Vergil responding to Dante[src]
"That day, if our positions were switched... Would our fates be different? Would I have your life, and you mine? Let's settle this... Dante."
―Vergil awaiting for Dante's arrival[src]
Dante: Hey Vergil, your portal-opening days are over. Give me the Yamato.
Vergil: If you want it, then you'll have to take it. But you already knew that.
— Vergil's confrontation before battling, Devil May Cry 5
"If I beat Nero... Then by default, I beat you. Agreed, Dante?"
―Vergil before fighting Nero[src]
"I can still fight. But if those roots continue to spread through town, it'll just interfere with our business."
―Vergil after fighting Nero and agreeing to stop the Qliphoth tree[src]
"I won't lose next time. Hold onto that until then."
―Vergil passing his book to Nero[src]
"Useless pests, they must be ready to die!"
―Vergil fighting with Dante in the Underworld[src]
Dante: Score for Dante! I'm up one.
Vergil: Where did you learn to count!? We're even.
— Vergil's mocking Dante's math skills in the Underworld, Devil May Cry 5
Vergil: Don't you dare say it—
Dante: Jackpot!
— Vergil and Dante fighting together in the Underworld, Devil May Cry 5
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