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"All war is fought with deception and you have been deceived. Your past has been hidden from you for a reason."
―Vergil to Dante about his past.[src]
"Some things have always been. There have always been angels; there have always been demons. And they've always been at war. Nine millenia ago, one demon rose through the ranks to take power over the dark hordes: the strongest, the cruelest― Mundus. But Mundus did not rise alone. At his right hand was his most trusted lieutenant, his blood brother... <...> But Sparda betrayed him. He fell in love with an angel, Eva. The secret union between angel and demon was inconceivable. But it happened, and with it came new life: twin boys, you and I ― a hybrid of the warring angel and demon races. When Mundus learned of Sparda's betrayal, his fury knew no limit. He hunted the lovers down. Eva was murdered by his own hand. And for Sparda he demanded a more brutal fate: endless punishment and pain. But even as Eva was destroyed and Sparda was imprisoned for eternity; each knew that the seed for their revenge had already been sown. Because according to legend the only beings that can slay a demon king are nephilim, a hybrid of angel and demon. Those hybrids now exists: you and I. Mundus believed that only one child was born, but there were two nephilim and each had been hidden well. Sparda armed his sons: the Rebellion for Dante, the Yamato for Vergil. <...> Yes. <...> Demon father, angel mother. We are nephilim. The only ones that can slay the demon king."
―Vergil to Dante about their parents' history[src]
"Leave my brother alone."
―Vergil stabbing Mundus in the back[src]
"You chose the wrong side. You're not human, Dante. And you never will be. I loved you, brother."
―Vergil to Dante[src]
"Everything you hate me for, (it) had to be done."
―Vergil to Hollow Kat[src]
"I don't have a brother anymore."
―Vergil to Hollow Dante[src]
"Power... I need more power. You have something that belongs to me. <...> Then I'll take it."
―Vergil to Hollow Vergil[src]