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Virility Screen Shot

The Virility poster, as seen in the opening introduction of Mission 4: Under Watch.

It'll kill ya.

Virility is an energy drink that promotes a "fitter, smarter, sexier you". It is sold and purchased in Limbo City. It was also used in a viral campaign by Capcom to promote DmC: Devil May Cry during Captivate 2012.


After joining The Order, Dante learns that Virility is one of the ways demons control humanity. Vergil tells him it is harmless to Nephilim, but to humans is "lobotomy in a can". Kat agrees to guide Dante to the Virility factory. On the way, Dante knocks a can out of the hands of an overweight passer-by, claming, "It'll kill ya." In the factory, Dante sees the means of Virility's production, which includes force-feeding humans the substance to mass-produce it. He later descends into the factory, confronts and kills Succubus, an ancient demon whose secretions serve as the secret ingredient of the drink.


Real Life[]

Virility banner


Virility is a synonym of "fertility", but is exclusive to males.


DMC5 Clear Bonus Art 12

V drinking Virility in the Clear Bonus Art.

  • In one of the Clear Bonus Arts for Devil May Cry 5, the character V is depicted near Nico's van, drinking a can of Virility, despite the game being set in the original Devil May Cry universe and not the rebooted version.
  • The mascot logo for virility appears to be a cute, cartoon version of Succubus