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White Knight is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 4. It plays in Mission 03 when reaching the Library inside the Fortuna Castle. It only plays for Nero.


In search for the the man in red, Nero stumbles across a Library at the Fortuna Castle. A Bianco Angelo appears and notices Nero's Devil Bringer, which prompts him to attack.


Nero: Didn't figure this guy for a bookworm...

That's one way to get yourself shot. So you after this guy too, or just here to catch some demons?

Silent type, huh? Well that's... annoying.

So much for friendly banter! If you want a fight, then come on!

Nero: 殺人犯がお勉強か…?

危うく撃つところだ 惡魔どもを追ってきたのか?

無口だな …嫌いなタイプだ

冗談だろ? 本気でヤる気か? 来いよ!

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  • The textures of some of the books in the Library were re-used in other Capcom games, such as Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Revelations.