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White Rabbit, also called Rabi by Alice, is the assumed name of a demon appearing in Code 1: Dante of the Devil May Cry 3 manga. He has hired Dante under the pretext of saving Alice but in reality he just wanted to see how the Sons of Sparda are presenting themselves. He's also the one that told Dante that his brother Vergil is still alive.


White Rabbit is a tall, slim, bunny-looking type of a demon wearing a suit as wells as pair of glasses. He have two visible scars stitched with seams on his head.


White Rabbit is very mysterious and unclear in his motives, despite leading Dante into the trap, he has also saved him from a few dangerous situations. He has possessed Alice in her dreams, yet he has admitly stated that he feels sorry for her. While he has hired Dante for a job, which was never meant to be completed in the first place, he eagerly sent money to the Enzo Ferino account. He also has proven to possess a lot of knowledge about the twins. He has meet with Dante personally and even got shot by him, but when it came down to meeting Vergil, he used a doll in order to avoid being killed.

Powers & Abilities[]


The true extent of his physical capabilities and magical abilities is certainly unclear, due to the fact that he has never fought anyone seriously, but as a demon he has shown:

High Endurance: Rabbit is capable of withstanding shots from Dante's Ebony & Ivory as well as being pierced with a lot of spikes.

Healing Factor: He is capable of regenerating bullet wounds in a matter of seconds.

Superhuman Speed: During his meeting with Dante, the devil hunter has mentioned that Rabbit is incredibly fast.

Demonic Magic: White Rabbit has showcased the ability to cast several spells:

  • Levitation: With the usage of his magic he and Mad Hatter were capable of levitating in the air.
  • Possession: Rabbit is capable of possessing different people and objects, which he showcased when he controlled a doll that looked like him.
  • Telekinesis: White Rabbit is capable of moving and throwing objects as well as people.