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The Wisp is a ghostly demon that appears in Vergil's Downfall. It is able to fade into a gaseous state. Wisps are first encountered when Vergil enters his version of Paradise in Mission 01.


The Wisp is a fleshy demon bound in bandages and its head is simply a goat-like skull. It has fearsome claws, and is able to fade into a gaseous state. It is also constantly floating, and surrounded by a flock of ravens.


The Wisps are immune to any physical attack on their gaseous form, and must be forced to materialize by striking them with one of Vergil's Sword Illusion. Eventually, the Wisps will go berserk, making them immune to Demon Pull and Angel Lift. While a Wisp is berserked, the player character should keep their distance and focus on ranged attacks like Judgment Cut, or use powerful close-combat techniques while staggering them with Sword Illusions.

Defeating the first Wisp will reward the player with the We have an uninvited guest award.


Named after the folklore legend of Will-o'-the-wisp.