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This article is about the demon from DmC: Devil May Cry. You may be looking for the Lightning Witch from Devil May Cry 3, or the witch from Bayonetta.

The Witch is a lesser demon in DmC: Devil May Cry. It is first encountered in Mission 9 and is initially mistaken for Assiel by Dante.


The Witch resembles a blue-skinned woman, with dark blue hair and indigo crystals covering parts of her body. Instead of a nose, she merely has snake-like nostrils.


The Witch is able to shield itself or its allies in a barrier that can only be broken by angelic weapons, and will teleport away and regenerate its shield if damaged too much.

Normally it shield itself when Dante holds an angelic weapon and shield its allies when Dante is holding a demonic weapon. It is also able to summon a pillar of blue crystals from the ground, as well as fling demonic blades at Dante.

When Dante closes in and attacks with Angelic combo (Prop or Tornado), the Witch will either summon the blue crystal pillar from right underneath Dante, or a more vicious attack involves it diverting its shield energy and detonates it, indicated by the shield bubble shrinking inside and turning red.


Tear Down That Shield![]

It is advised that players engage and eliminate the Witch as soon as it enters the fight. To do this, the shield must be taken down. Do this either by using Shredder and Prop attack. The most effective and low-maintenance means of tearing down the Witch's shield is using the Aquila Round Trip, as it can rip through the shield without the need of charging, while leaving Dante free to engage other enemies.

It is strongly discouraged to attack enemies shielded by the Witch, because Dante's attacks won't be able to tear through the shield fast enough to block. The time and energy wasted on a shielded enemy is better spent against the Witch itself.

Wrong Team![]

Although the blades can be stolen with Demon Pull and Kicker while the Witch summons them or when the blades are flying towards Dante, it is ill-advised to use this strategy because it requires multiple button presses. A much more effective means of parrying is using the Osiris' Prop and Shredder attack, as they can perfectly defend Dante and fling the blades back at the Witch. All three blades repelled will guarantee the Witch's shield is dropped. If the Witch's health is already low, the third blade will kill it and award the Wrong Team! score bonus.

Smack That![]

On higher difficulties, the Witch flings three blades, which can be easily parried with Osiris's Shredder. If the Witch is hit with her blades twice, her shield will shatter and she will be stunned. Fling Round Trip at the Witch to stun it further, follow up by an Angel Lift to close in and smash it with Arbiter Trinity Smash. Two in a row will bring down the Witch.